Why Mac OSX sucks #1137

People say it’s easy to create screenshots in MacOS, well in short, here’s the deal: If I told anyone a secret cheat code like, “Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Select, Start” he or she will most likely remember it for a week, after first using it – or maybe longer. 

Everybody I find on the internet writes it’s quite easy to create a screenshot even though there’s no PrtScr key on a Mac.

I found a neat table with the keys only in german, but you’ll get the point.


What the hell? I was pressing one button on Windows, or maybe a combination of two. but what is the last one? FOUR keys at once, and then the space bar? SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE FUCK? – If you thought it was over after that combination – it’s not. After that you have to click on the window you want to capture, which is even a click more.

I own a Macbook for three years now and I still have to look it up, or trial and error for sometimes minutes, to finally get a f***ing screenshot, and yet still, I have not seen anyone complain. 

Mac users have a tendency to have a distorted image of reality. A key combination of four keys, then another key, and then a click can not be considered as easy. Not even for a tech enthusiast like me. Period.

Worse though, It would have been a longer, but still easier combination, if it was : Cmd + Ctrl + Shift + Option(Alt) + 4, then Space. Why – you might ask, well, it is simply every fucking modifier with which you can make key combinations, without having to guess which button has to be left out for it.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say that MS Windows is the holy grail, but OSX is it neither, or sometimes even worse.

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