GROWL… a 2.1.1 build and install guide for OSX Lion and above

This should be a quick howto for building growl 2.1.1 from source on Mountain Lion. (it was a real longer list, but tumblr ate my drafts, because they don’t autosave… meh, good for you, it’s shorter, and better sorted, I guess)

Required time: Download, installs, configuration and build should be done in less than an hour, depending on your connection speed. 

Skills: medium (Terminal usage, clipboard)

You need to have an apple ID and a developer account and do NOT download anything from the app store. You do not want to create an apple-ID/developer account? Fine. Below you’ll find an alternate source from github but the two Xcode tools must be downloaded from the apple sites.

1a. download the following (external): 

1b: My github, but I won’t update versions, since I don’t have the time to test them each time a new one gets released. When you’re not version-manic, get the ones that are known to work. If you already use git, just

git clone clone

If you don’t use git, choose the zip download option here: github project page. No worries, git is still included. 

CHECK the files for VIRUSES and MD5, since I don’t know about the security on github/filedropper/share4web.

The corresponding command in terminal is (run inside your downloads folder)

md5 *

If your downloads folder has too many files, just replace the * with each downloaded filename. To make it easier, remember, <TAB> completes the filenames of the folder you’re in.

The results should be:

MD5 ( = 2fd4e4268a77ca87f2307979793ecba6

Single files inside the archive:

MD5 ( = 75309c856349a0ea1125521e59bdf119
MD5 ( = 77fa89b85c30851aaf4b70fed56c86a3
MD5 (git- = 946c23e4906d942d9b994ceb886e1066
MD5 (subversion-1.8.3.tar.bz2) = 7d7bd97347a4491e1ffb529563ce2e9e
MD5 (xcode44auxtools6938114a.dmg) = b8f28bb4f631d21ebd10fc0f30ca6161

The two remaining from apple:

MD5 (xcode4630916281a.dmg) = c5088782d9742314835af1c3ba3fe8e7
MD5 (xcode462_cltools_10_86938259a.dmg) = 90c5db99a589c269efa542ff0272fc28

2. Install the prerequisites (except svn, which gets compiled from source)

  • Install Xcode
  • Install Mercurial 
  • Install Git
  • Install the command line tools for Xcode
  • decompress the SVN sources

3. Configure your system

Open the Auxiliary Tools dmg, and run the following command in Terminal:

sudo cp /Volumes/Auxiliary Tools/ /usr/bin/

You now no longer need the auxtools dmg.


export LC_ALL="en_US.UTF-8"

Install SVN; run inside the SVN source directory:

make install

 4. Now, Growl itself:

Run the following to get the growl sources:

cd ~
hg clone

Now we want to know what we got:

hg tags | sort
If you want to see only relevant lines use this:
hg tags | sort | grep
Use the following to set the version you want as active, by the time of the creation of this guide it was 2.1.1:
hg update " 2.1.1"
Choose the newest, if applicable.
This should be everything (I am doing it out of my head right now) and we’re good to go for the compile run. 
NOTE: Forget about a compile run like mentioned on some sites, with the command xcodebuild. It won’t work. Instead use for 2.1.1: 
cd ~/growl/Release
VERSION=2.1.1 rake setup
VERSION=2.1.1 rake build:growl
There will most likely be some errors: 
A. You’re missing a certificate – Create one. The details:  Keychain -> application’s name menu -> certificate assistant -> create a certificate. 
Name: 3rd Party Mac Developer Application: The Growl Project, LLC
Identity Type: Self Signed Root
Certificate Type: Code Signing
CAUTION: Be sure to use the same prefix as the certificate that you are receiving errors about.
B. You’ll have to agree to a license agreement. (Read, quit, type “agree” and <enter>)
But now everything should run just fine.
Your should be in your home directory under growl/Release/distribution/build/growl/Release, just drag and drop it into your application folder. After your first run, you’ll enter a mini-setup.
After that you can enjoy your (maybe first) compiled app, and your saved $4.99.

Please, when I missed something, or helped you, please comment. Thank you.

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