Hard to find: A decent e-mail client for mac

Dear tumblrs/facebookrs. I am looking for someone who knows an e-mail client or knows somebody who knows an e-mail client for mac.
If you know somebody who has a mac and has high expectations on e-mail clients, give them a call maybe?

Don’t yell just yet, I have a few requirements:
1. Supporting gMail / IMAP
2. 3 columns view with multiple lines in message pane (bye tbird)
3. Supporting per-address-picture loading (bye apple mail)
4. stable / not laggy (bye many – )
5. No storage of my creds in the cloud
6. Not eating up all cpu power during fetching
7. supporting plain-text messages in utf-8
8. still supported / maintained / further development for future OSX

List of clients I already tried(disqualification reason):
Outlook 2011(too heavy) , thunderbird(message pane), inky(instability/performance), postbox(instability/performance), mailmate(instability/performance), sparrow(instability/performance), airmail(instability/performance), unibox(instability/performance), opera mail(interface – no. just no).

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