The boiling frog syndrome vs. actual events

Hi fellow internetters.

FAs you hav heard: facebook is changing its privacy policy. Again. It’s a small step toward the fully transparent user. Again. They’re raising their profit with it. Again. But why is there so little consequences? (Again?)
It’s always the same – TTIP, Patriot Act, retention of data, NSA’s prism, persecution of Snowden and Assange, etc.
5569801_700bOne will lead to another and in combination we’re under total surveillance and getting sucked out by the wild-western acting big data facilities of the internet and governments not giving shit about press-freedom and privacy.

You guys know about the boiled-frog syndrome? In short terms it’s about gradually raising the pressure so that the subject which is receiving the it, gets accustomed to it and thus won’t escape the unavailable death. Opposing to the natural reaction of escaping this situation, when the pressure rises too fast so that the subject feels the pain immediately.

You can put this metaphor on almost everything – relationships, your work, governments, economics, or the changing of policies.

So, now that we basically know that, what will the people do? Nothing? What should you do? Dig. Dig in your past or better: remember what history told us. Back, when freedom was just not available, the pressure got too high and people started to fight for it. But not only that, there was a clear picture of what your freedom should look like.
Your freedom is like the cake that you get to your birthday, which you love. There might be a thousand guests to your party, and everbody wants to have a piece of your personal cake. Imagine giving everyone literally a micro-piece – one one-thousandth slice. That’s your freedom of privacy, your freedom of speech, your freedom of everything. One thousandth is not much, you might not even realize what’s missing after each slice. But I’ll tell you what and you can guess it’s no surprise, that at the end of the party there will no longer be a single crumb left. – And you did not even realize it.
We’re basically in the middle of the party, because there are a lot of slices missing already. But why so? It might be because we no longer have the picture in our heads of what we want and need to be free.

And the arguments are effective. It’s always for the greater good – we should have nothing to hida anyway – the positive effects would overweigh the drawbacks – and so on.

But do they? What’s the benefit of Edward snowden being forced to look out for asylum? What about the benefits of his leaks? We have the right to know.
What’s the benefit of keeping Julien Assange under lock and key inside the Ecuadoranian embassy? What about the benefit of truth? We have the right to know.
What’s the benefit for Facebook or TTIP versus our personal rights? Not even having the possibility to opt-out is such a major demonstration of power, but we don’t even react anymore.

6417628291_f66c901d18Your only right is to quit. But then you’re no longer social networking – which might hurt you. That’s the power that facebook has over you. Not the website, not the app, it’s the power of the company that you’re feeling when you think about quitting.

When you got here after reading all this, if you didn’t already know, I am really sorry to inform you that you are, in fact, a boiling frog. And we don’t know yet, when we are going to metaphorically die inside the pot. There must, and most probably will be another revolution like in 19th-century-europe. The question for me, personally is not if, but when.

My only suggestion is: Clear your mind. Draw a picture of what your freedom should look like, and don’t ever let anything take even a single slice of it. – Nip it in the bud! (german: Wehret den Anfängen!)

Take care of yourself.
So long,


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