Face it.

We all have to face some truths.
Truths about ourselves and the world outside,
especially the people closest to us.

What we’re going to do with them –
is up to us all alone.

Making the best of who you are and who you want to be
is easier said than done.
Because it’s not only about the truths,
but the consequences.

Each crisis we master,
we result as better, forward-looking people.
Depending on our real friends,
we are able to master them faster.

As a result, we know who we can rely on.
Sometimes the circle gets smaller, but more valuable.

Face it.
Face the truths, as well as the consequences.
Focus on the good things, and enjoy them.
Face the things you have to work on.
Focus, on one after another.
Focus on the people you love.
For they are to shorten your crisis.

Finally, the point where you enjoy being what you are –
must neither be the farest nor unreacheble.

Set the records straight!

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