The treaty and the bridge

You’re not blind, I know you see but you just don’t want to believe that the politicians lie. 
People have a right to vote for the ones who can afford to cover up their lies.

They let you in when it comes to big decisions. 
That way it seems as if you have controls to your mind. 

Deep inside your head they plant the lies t
hey want you to believe. 
They threaten you with their terror propaganda ’til you do just what they want you to.

The power’s not in your hands i
t’s in the money they possess to get just what they want.
Make up your mind or else they will make it up for you for sure and they’ll get just what they want.

They let you in when it comes to big decisions but first of all they feed their fucking answers to your mind.
Propaganda to convince seems to be the one who wins. 
Confidence passifies make you believe in the political lies.
So now we’re joining the treaty and we’re building the bridge.

— Satanic Surfers

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